Intense Partisan Politics is the reason behind the shutdown

Turn on cable TV: you’ll hear loud voices argue that the Democrats are responsible for the shutdown. Others blame Republicans.

As a results-oriented 32-year Air Force veteran and business executive, I believe the blame lies elsewhere: with the career politicians of both parties. Out-of-touch career politicians prefer words to the hard work of governing and feel immune to the consequences of their actions.

Caring more about press events and scoring “points” than common sense, they have failed to reach out to solve real-world problems by making hard (and timely) choices. Instead, we get unfocused spending cuts (like sequestration), an irresponsible shutdown with the real possibility of a disastrous financial default, and ever-shifting explanations and/or denials of their actions. Their incompetence would earn them a pink slip in the real world.

According to one recent poll, Congress is less popular than head lice. That poll was taken before the government shutdown, which has hurt small businesses and families in Colorado Springs and across the nation. It’s unhealthy for our democracy to have one branch of the government-held in such contempt. The only way to change Congress is to change the kind of people we elect to Congress.

This will be difficult because, you guessed it, career politicians have rigged the system. They effectively insulate themselves from popular opinion. Many of them sit in districts (like ours) dominated by one party or the other, causing them to lurch hard to the left or right in primaries, shielding them from competitive general elections. As a result, practical centrists, those who care about real solutions in the real world that real Americans like you and me live in, are excluded – common-sense compromise is rare.

The founders of our republic formed a system of government flexible enough to adapt to modern society. But they did not envision a system dominated by rabidly partisan career politicians. If we want to restore faith in our government, we as people must have the courage to do things differently. Let’s choose representatives based on competence, character, and leadership. not their political experience and partisan intensity.


Halter Calls on Lamborn to fix Veterans’ Pensions

Candidate for Congress General Irv Halter today called on Congressman Doug Lamborn to support a bill to restore cuts to veterans’ pensions.  On Monday, the Senate voted 94-0 to advance a clean bill to restore the cuts.  This bill addresses the problem that was created by the bipartisan budget agreement that passed in December.  A similar House version of this legislation, H.R. 3790, was introduced in December.

The House version has 114 cosponsors including Colorado’s Scott Tipton and Mike Coffman.  However, Congressman Lamborn is not a cosponsor of this legislation.

“Once again, Congressman Lamborn is playing politics with our veterans.  It is time that we pass a bill to restore the cuts that were made to veterans’ pensions,” said Halter.

“Politicians like Congressman Lamborn who play politics at the expense of real people is exactly what’s wrong with Washington,” Halter continued.  “Congressman Lamborn should be fighting every day to restore the cuts he helped create.  This issue is too important for our district for Congressman Lamborn to be putting ideology before people.”

The Republican-sponsored bill has been sitting in committee since its introduction.  However, it has been gaining support with 6 new bipartisan cosponsors just last week.


Equality in Hong Kong is Bad

There have been many explanations for the turmoil in Hong Kong, which is now entering its 16th week. However, what has not been touched on is a matter of the strong relationship between the business and political elite in the city, and the highly lame system of government.

In explaining the source of the unrest in Hong Kong, predictably, many leaders blame the liberal sciences in schools. Policymakers find it hard to believe that students can have the ability to understand critically about politics and society – especially active participation.

On the other hand, the anger of the demonstrators was directed mostly to the governments of China and Hong Kong, especially Chief Executive Carrie Lam. Lam’s actions – with a stubborn bureaucratic attitude – made the situation worse, so did the actions of the police who were once praised “Best in Asia” and the Chinese authorities.

All of these actions have hardened the local identity that became increasingly clear to the demonstrators as the turmoil continued.

Moreover, the feeling of mutual hatred has been so severe that it seems unlikely that anyone will back down. In recent weeks escalation seems easier.

Hopeless without hope

However, the most likely explanation for this turmoil is not the educational curriculum or the influence of Beijing, but the state of the government and the people of Hong Kong itself.

The opposite of the image the hk pools government wants to display – namely obedience to the law and a very good business environment – the city has actually been rotting for decades

First, Hong Kong has experienced a “loss” – a situation when an industry is gone and nothing is replaced – as experienced by other industrialized countries.

They find it difficult to move to public housing. “Nano apartments” which are sized as matchboxes are the only choice for many people, and many flats are inhabited by families until there are children and grandchildren.

Hong Kong youths, who grew up with golden tycoon stories such as Li Ka Shing (who is fondly called “Superman”) also face a bleak future because they are trapped in low-paying, menial jobs.

Why don’t the demonstrators focus on the business elite

Although some of the richest people in the region have voiced support for the government, very few demonstrators expressed anger at the elite economic group.

This proves the strength of the myth of the origins of modern Hong Kong and how rich Hong Kong is considered good. There is a kind of respect for the tycoons in this city, coupled with a lack of class consciousness and dislike that is embedded in anything that seems politically “left”.

Although universal political rights are the main demand of the demonstrators, this demand is more related to the election of the chief executive, not to the structure of government itself.

Rebuilding hopes and cities

The efforts of young people to shape a better future should be appreciated. But, for Hong Kong to have a positive future, this city needs a large-scale economic and political transformation.

Political rights are part of this transformation, but that is not enough. The question for Hong Kong is whether the demonstrators and other community members understand what needs to be done thoroughly and whether they are able to move together to make it happen.


What Disaster hit Portland?

Earl Blumenauer brought MAX train to Portland and created congestion on purpose. Does he find congestion exciting, or is this part of the master plan to get everyone to take the train and bus? Click this link and judge for yourself:

A report portlandfacts shows how congestion harms many stores, who go out of business or barely hang on with the minimum staff to survive, boosting Oregon’s unemployment rate, already among the highest in the nation. Portland is near the top of the “Urban Misery Index,” up there with New Orleans, which is still recovering from the epic Katrina hurricane.

The disaster that hit Portland was Earl Blumenauer’s transportation policies. Buses are far less expensive, and much more responsive to traveler’s needs, than any train. Portland has squandered untold millions on trains and will squander millions more forever in subsidies. Buses are more energy-efficient and go to more places, with more convenient locations. Trains are so expensive that they crowd out spending on bus lines. In San Francisco and Los Angeles, the building of the train systems increased costs so much they had to cut back on bus routes. Even after spending millions on trains, bus ridership has not returned to pre-train levels. Fewer people there use public transportation now than rode the buses then!

When factoring in energy use to build the lines, trains actually use more energy per passenger mile than cars. The increased energy used in producing a typical system would take 172 years to recoup! Using diesel or propane buses decreases greenhouse gases for those that consider this a problem, far less than trains powered by fossil fuels in most areas. Cities that genuinely want to reduce greenhouse gases should instead invest in simple, cost-effective congestion reduction techniques, such as traffic signal coordination. The Federal Highway Administration says that three out of four traffic signals are not properly coordinated with other nearby signals. A 2003 signal coordination project in San Jose, California, is saving motorists 471,000 gallons of fuel per year. At $2 per gallon, the savings more than paid for the project in the first year. Gas prices are now around $3 per gallon, making the savings even larger. Not only that, but idling cars in traffic jams is a major cause of pollution. Such a simple, but logical and proven way to save money, reduce congestion, and lower pollution is the exact opposite approach implemented by Earl Blumenauer. What did he do to reduce congestion? Why, widen sidewalks, of course.

The traffic is bad in Portland because the planners wanted it that way! They want to make your commute extra-long and frustrating in the hopes that you’ll pack up your family and move to a small apartment downtown. It has never worked out to their satisfaction, but they’ll keep trying until you’re so fed up you’ll move or your employer will move. But they won’t move downtown. They’ll move to another state. The reason a new interstate bridge with more lanes has not been added is due to this romantic attachment to trains and a false nostalgia of happy village life that trains would supposedly foster.

The idea that a train would bring development has been repeatedly proven wrong. Portland Rezoned areas along the MAX and waited ten years. No development occurred. They then gave tax exemptions to builders. Now development occurred, but it decreased the money available for schools, firemen, police, etc. They are now trying to expand the train system and looking at closing Jefferson and Benson High Schools. It seems to me they are closing schools to pay for more light rail.

For many people, the train, an eighteenth-century innovation, is not a viable or practical option. Those with disabilities, parents with small children, and those going to places not served by train end up subsidizing the few who do ride the rails. Buses are not chained to a track and can be used on any road, can stop on any corner, and provide easy access to people who need transportation. Bus schedules can be easily adjusted to meet increased demand and high traffic hours. Several lanes of roads can be built for the cost of just one track, and the annual maintenance is much less. Why would anyone decide to pay ten times more for something that does not provide as many benefits? Is it romance and nostalgia for a time that never was? Is it “sustainability” or “livability?” What is sustainable or liveable about high unemployment, homelessness, hunger, closing schools, or cutting services? Are tax exemptions for the politically connected and pork projects funneling money to campaign coffers sustainable? Visit this website for more.

People have voted against the train system repeatedly. Our elected officials do not care what we want. The only way to get them to care is to vote them out of office.

I have chosen to enter this race at great cost and personal sacrifice.  If you too want to end the erosion of our rights, our prosperity, and our constitution, won’t you join in supporting my campaign?  If you can afford the maximum donation of $2400 that would be greatly appreciated.  But even if you can afford only $10 or even $5, that too will be appreciated and used for maximum effect.

And if you can not afford the money, please give of your time.  We can always use more volunteers.  I can not do it alone, I need your help.  We may be fast approaching the end of the time that we can turn things around.  So if you can afford the money, give what you can.  If you can afford the time, give off that also.  But whatever you decide to do, remember the words of a great American statesman, who said, “let it not be said that we chose to do nothing.”

Government protection?

Like Cap and Tax, which will guarantee higher energy bills while lining a few people’s pockets and improving the environment, how? S. 510 will further drive up the costs of living by adding more layers of bureaucracy on food production – ensuring you pay more to meet an essential need.


Congress certainly won’t be the one tightening its belt.  Section 401 of S. 510 authorizes nearly $1 billion to grow the FDA’s reach and calls for almost 4,000 new bureaucrats to be hired in the fiscal year 2010 alone.

This onerous new law will apply harshly to reputable food producers like the independent family farm, where the free market works every day to provide the public with healthy choices.

Meanwhile, Big Agriculture will continue to use its well-entrenched connections to make sure it escapes serious scrutiny.

The statists have worked to replace “credible evidence” with “reasonable probability” in the U.S. Code, giving the FDA power to invade, quarantine, or shut down private property in search of any foodborne illness.

They also changed “presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals” to “is adulterated or misbranded.”  What exactly constitutes adulterated?  That glass of raw milk?  An FDA bureaucrat will decide. It gets worse.

The bill also grants blanket authority for federal agencies to impose international guidelines and standards on domestic food producers – giving agencies the authority to harmonize all American food production and processes in line with the globalist Codex.

Big Brother and Big Agriculture are combating the truly modern way to improve food safety by targeting the rapidly growing number of food producers who, through the free market, provide diversity and give us choices.

The establishment is pushing for more consolidation and is looking to control your food choices to make it happen. Don’t stomach another round of tyranny. Please help us get more freedom, less government regulation, message out by donating to our radio blitz fundraiser. Thank you to those of you that already have.

This is a bipartisan effort to remove control freaks from our seat in Washington DC, Rasmussen Polls have shown that for all the lamestream media attacks 41% of the Tea Party Patriots are Democrats and 49% are Republicans. Americans that want the government to do the job we created them to do, Protect our Rights! We the people need to regain control.

Thank you

Delia Lopez

We will be having a Delia Lopez for Congress Radiothon Fundraiser on Sept. 16th, 9 am to 9 pm Eastern time Listen in Call in 505-715-6522 Michael Badnarik, Sheriff Mack, Frantz Kebreau and Frank Anderson are among the already confirmed guests.