How the Role of Social Media in Politics


Social media is an online media, with its users, can easily participate, share, and create content including blogs, social networks, wikis, forums, and the virtual world. Blogs, social networks, and wikis are the most common forms of social media used by people around the world. Social media is one medium for exchanging information, using distance social media is not a problem. Along with the development of social media, technology advances are growing rapidly for example just now to access Twitter can be anywhere.

In 1978 social media began to develop, this was marked by the discovery of a bulletin board system that made it possible to connect with others using electronic mail, or upload and download software, all done still using telephone devices connected to the modem.

Today’s social media users do not look at the age of not only adults who use, so many teenagers, and even small children who are proficient in using social media. The convenience provided in using social media attracts a lot of interest from all walks of life. Just compare it with traditional media that requires huge capital to have it, social media can be accessed easily and anyone can access himself wherever he wants.

As technological developments began to advance so that social media grew rapidly, social media began to be used in politics. At this time the political field began to be transparent and open compared to decades ago. Basically, obtaining information and freedom of communication are human rights that cannot be contested. Now people can freely voice or write anything on various online media based on social networks and blogs, where it will always be read and accessed by everyone. Social media then transformed into one of the instruments of control over the ruling government, by using internet facilities of course. Do we still remember the Prieta Mulyasari case which could end with the support of the community through network-based social media namely Facebook and Twitter? In addition, the government can influence the community to follow and support the government’s plan, for example limiting fuel subsidies for motorcycles. In the process of influencing many opinions will arise, social media can be a place for dialogue about differences of opinion. Social media can be a place to accommodate aspirations for anyone who wants to help build a political system. The government is aware of all the wishes of the people so that the people feel happy so that the government will last as long as Mr. SBY uses his Twitter. The public can also learn many things about politics. With social media, the community can learn and increase knowledge about politics. People who understand politics will care about their political environment.

Social media in the political world is very important because using social media in the giving and receiving of information can be done quickly especially social media used by all people both in rural and urban areas so that the control function can run well especially Indonesia is a democratic country.

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