A Very Bad Erotic Masculinity Fantation – 365 Days


Every few minutes while watching 365 Days, I always laugh inside because of how bad the film is. I didn’t read the novel that was the inspiration for this film, but I know that 365 Days is a film that not only doubles the toxic masculinity but also the long-winded film to tell what it wants to convey: a porn film.

Toxic masculinity is described in a character named Massimo. Played by actor and singer Michele Morrone, Massimo is an Italian mobster who is handsome with his body that is said to be “Carved by God.” Nahas, at the beginning of the film he and his father were attacked by enemy mafias and caused his father’s death.

Before being attacked, he saw a beautiful woman on the beach who finally made him obsessed with looking for her. Since the wounded was attacked, he always imagined that strange and mysterious woman. And five years later, he managed to meet her. She is Laura, who is having a boring relationship with her boyfriend.


This is not a romantic film, so Massimo doesn’t want to waste time winning Laura’s heart. He is a mafia boss, so he just kidnapped Laura into his luxurious residence. He gave Laura 365 days to fall in love with him, and if for a year Laura did not love him, then he would be released.

If the story sounds absurd, then that’s how I feel. With the duration of almost two hours, I must always feel confused by how this illogical story can go that long. I never thought about kidnapping someone and making him fall in love, but that’s what Massimo thought.

He is what people often refer to as toxic masculinity and this film also touting his nature because he is handsome. One scene that surprised me was when he was boarding his private plane, and for some reason, he just took one of his flight attendants and forced him to oral sex. Can this be classified as rape? But after that, the waiter just smiled and looked satisfied.

His very bad nature is also getting worse with his very unreasonable behavior and very tacky dialogue. He said that he did not want to touch Laura if Laura would not allow him, but he also strangled and groped his body and said that he would not be gentle towards him. So what does he want, be8tube?

With Massimo, 365 Days has highlighted the worst nature of masculinity that might only appear like a fantasy in the minds of perverted men. Seeing someone can just kidnap someone and force him to fall in love within a year is just a pretty dangerous fantasy.

In the character Laura also 365 Days romanticize an abduction. If the films that carry other abduction themes used to portray the victim as someone with a psychology that has been damaged over time, it is different from Laura, who acted indifferently and even often teased Massimo.

Here, Laura might want to be described as a victim affected by Stockholm syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological reaction that occurs when an abductee or a hostage victim shows signs of loyalty or hoax to the culprit. Stockholm, the 2018 film, is a film based on a true story and also takes that theme.

Usually the victims, before being exposed to Stockholm syndrome, will try to escape and fight back. Unlike Laura, who only showed signs of resistance, and that only happened on the first day. After that, he was hypnotized by Massimo and even tempted Massimo several times, either by getting closer to Massimo in the bath or by dressing open to the nightclub.

Not only is the story very bad and the characters have very bad qualities, but I also have problems with editing in this film. Every few scenes, music begins. Some scenes continue with other music stars. This film feels more like a music video that shows exciting scenes.

As of the time of this writing, 365 Days is one of the most sought after films on Netflix even though this is not a Netflix production film. Every time I open the application, this film appears first. Every time I want to type to search for movies, 365 Days appears at the top. I understand because there are certainly many viewers who are curious about this Polish film. But unfortunately, I have to say that so far, 365 Days is the worst film of 2020.

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