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The Godfather film tells the story of Don Vito Corleone’s family, a generous man who is merciless in gaining and maintaining power. Vito Corleone has four parents, namely Santino aka Sonny, Fredo, Michael Corleone, and Connie Corleone. The Corleone family is one of the Italian mob families living in America. In this film, Godfather is said to be a man who is “logical” and fair. He led the mafia who mastered various illegal business activities, gambling, betting horse racing, and labor unions. He provides opposition without anyone opposing, also determines what is right and wrong. According to him, halal killing is done for justice.


Mafia families are experiencing a cold war that is causing a war between gangs. Until one day, this cold war made Vito Corleone shot. Vito Corleone’s sick condition made Sonny as the first child to take over the position of head of the family. However, Tempranental Sonny was unable to lead well. Michael, who was considered by the other family members to be the quietest, finally took the initiative to kill one of the heads of another mafia family which caused him to be exiled to Italy for a year. Starting is the character Michael is formed. There he had married a local woman. During his exile, Sonny was killed.

After a year passed, Vito announced that Michael was the next head of the family. Until finally, Vito died. After the death of his father, Michael then took revenge by killing the entire head of the mafia family who had a conflict with his father and killed his brother’s killer.

The Godfather I

The Godfather Part I was released in 1972 based on the Mario Puzzo novel. This film explores the life side of a mafia family from the Corleone region, a location in Sicily, Italy. Made with a very neat, dense storyline, acting from great stars who are very character to make the film The Godfather became a box office of all time. Proven on the world movie database site IMDB, The Godfather movie which has 3 sequels ranks second as the top-rated movie under the film The Shawshank Redemption.

The Godfather Part I, which is a portrait of the Mafia family in New York, is played extraordinarily by Marlon Brando and Al-Pacino. Marlon Brando plays Don Vito and Al-Pacino playing his son named Michael. This film was released and was successful in the market, which then appeared similar genre films in Hollywood that explores the life of mafioso. Then Hong Kong films also plagiarized the storyline of this film. Call it the film The Dragon Family which contains big actors like Andy Lau.

Now we return to the synopsis of The Godfather Part I. The film begins with a series of requests for help from colleagues of the big mafia boss, Don Vito, who begs for help from him to solve problems at work and their personal affairs on the day of his daughter’s wedding, namely Connie Corleone with Carlo Rizzi (who later was killed by Michael Corleone for being proven involved in the murder of Sonny Corleone at the pitiful toll gate). Starting from the businessman (Bonasera) whose daughter was beaten by her lover for refusing to be held up to the effect of “violence” the girl became disabled until the actor who was removed from his role (Johnny Fontane) asked for help from Don Vito Corleone. The Godfather managed to foster loyalty to his colleagues, friends, and subordinates, who turned out not with violence, but precisely with friendship and family. But when facing the enemy, he did not hesitate to carry out acts of terror without mercy.

In this film, the feud begins when Don Vito Corleone is offered cooperation by another gangster head (Virgil Solozzo, nicknamed the Turki who is also the mastermind of the shooting of Don Vito when buying fruits because Don Vito refused the offer of cooperation he proposed) to deal with the drug business. The gangster head named Sollozzo offered Don Vito a very lucrative advantage because of his proximity to politicians and the police. But Don Vito has the principle of not wanting to get caught up in the drug business, for him the drug business can damage the country, and ultimately his family will find it difficult. Don Vito loyalists such as Tom Hagen, Clemenza, and his son, Sonny, were initially very interested in finally discouraging him.


Seeing loyalists who were interested, but was not granted by Don Vito, the Sollozzo then did the practice of fighting sheep and kidnappings and plans to kill Don Vito (Marlon Brando). One of the loyalists (Luca Brasi) is sent to Sollozzo to find out a conspiracy designed against him, but unlucky, the loyalist is killed viciously. Then loyal family lawyer Tom Hagen was kidnapped, and Don Vito himself was shot while shopping for fruit. His bodyguards were shot dead, and the big boss himself was shot many times and treated at the hospital. But his life is still saved.

Don Vito’s family, who were temporarily separated and terrorized by this event, were grateful to have loyalists who were ready to die. When there is no leadership in the family, heroic stories emerge from Michael Corleone who is precisely the youngest child. Beginning with his courage alone to visit his father to the hospital, Michael (who was dating Kay Adams), played by Al Pacino managed to save his father’s life from the hands of the enemy who conspired with the police chief (McCluskey) is corrupt. Had Michael not been present at that time, the hospital, which apparently had been deliberately vacated, might have been killed by the enemy by his enemy.

Then after that, Michael who never wrestled in the black world volunteered to become a negotiator representing his father to meet his father’s unsuccessful enemy, Virgil Sollozzo who was accompanied by a corrupt police chief, McCluskey. Behind the meeting that was agreed to take place in a restaurant, it turns out that the Corleone mafia family had prepared revenge. The gun had been prepared in the toilet by loyalists to kill Sollozzo and the police chief. As a result, the restaurant where the meeting became a cold-blooded massacre by Michael Corleone.

Michael Corleone, who was the murderer, was finally smuggled back to a small village in Sicily, Italy. There he told the romantic story of his life with a beautiful flower girl in the village (Apollonia) whom he finally married. But the love journey in Italy did not last long, apparently, the Corleone family’s enemy had bribed one of his bodyguards (Fabrizio) who placed the bomb in the car driven by his beautiful wife when his wife was about to learn to drive and the bomb exploded when Apollonia turned the steering wheel.

Thus, Michael’s wife, the beautiful Apollonia, died, and Michael was forced to return to New York. It so happened that open warfare had already taken place between the Vito Corleone family and the head of the other mobsters, leading to the death of Sonny Corleone, Don Vito’s eldest son. Sonny was killed because he wanted to avenge his brother-in-law who often committed Domestic Violence to their sister Connie, played by Thalia Shire who also played the role of the wife of Silvester Stallone.

Turns out the killers were ready at the residential gate that led to Connie’s house. At the gate, Sonny was killed with a barrage of dozens of bullets. From event to a feud between the gangs, Don Vito finally decided to initiate a ceasefire. A meeting of the heads of the mafia was held. Don Vito who did not want to lose another family member opened the door to peace with all the other mafia families. Although he knew, one of the participants present at the time, Emilio Barzini, was the mastermind of the murder of Sonny Corleone with the reputation of Carlo Rizzi (his son-in-law Don Vito himself).

With grace, Don Vito was determined not to take revenge for the death of Sonny, his eldest son. And he was willing to cooperate with other mafia families, he was even unable to refuse to manage the drug business on condition that it was not circulated at school and circulated to negroes around New York City.

After that, Don Vito, who was already unhealthy and felt old, handed over the reins to his beloved son, Michael Corleone. After his father died, Michael, who had been warned by his father about the cunning of one of the heads of the mafia, namely Emilio Barzini, who is also the mastermind of all the events of his assassination plan and the murder of Sonny, took quick steps. Waiting for the right time by arranging an alibi, on the day Connie’s son was baptized and Michael becoming a godfather (the tradition of the Catholic church), the Corleone’s men killed one by one the Corleone family’s enemies on the orders of Michael Corleone (Al-Pacino).

Emilio Barzini became one of the victims. In addition, Michael Corleone also eliminated casino entrepreneurs in Las Vegas that prevented him from buying a majority stake in his business. FYI, Michael really wants to expand the business to Las Vegas because New York City is not conducive. The war on the mafia was indeed launched by the federal government. In addition to revenge against family enemies, Michael also cleans family members and loyalists who are considered and believed to be enemies in a blanket. His brother-in-law, Carlo Rizzi, who was often light-handed towards his brother was proven and claimed (at Michael’s insistence) involved in the murder of Sonny. Through Michael’s ruse, Michael Rizzi, who was promised to be forgiven if he confessed his sins, was finally executed by Clemenza in a car by being strangled from behind using a wire.

At the end of the film The Godfather I, told Michael Corleone to be very strong and feared by friends and opponents. His iron hand turned out to be very effective in forming his authority as a mafia boss. And finally, to end this writing, as an action and drama film, the film The Godfather received 3 Oscars and several other prestigious awards. On IMDB, you can check online where The Godfather is in second place with a rating of 9.2. A fantastic number for an old film. Old films, which for some people, remain enticing to be listened to again.

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