Halter Calls on Lamborn to Fix Veterans’ Pensions

Candidate for Congress General Irv Halter today called on Congressman Doug Lamborn to support a bill to restore cuts to veterans’ pensions.  On Monday, the Senate voted 94-0 to advance a clean bill to restore the cuts.  This bill addresses the problem that was created by the bipartisan budget agreement that passed in December.  A similar House version of this legislation, H.R. 3790, was introduced in December.The House version has 114 cosponsors including Colorado’s Scott Tipton and Mike Coffman.  However, Congressman Lamborn is not a cosponsor of this legislation.

“Once again, Congressman Lamborn is playing politics with our veterans.  It is time that we pass a bill to restore the cuts that were made to veterans’ pensions,” said Halter.

“Politicians like Congressman Lamborn who play politics at the expense of real people is exactly what’s wrong with Washington,” Halter continued.  “Congressman Lamborn should be fighting every day to restore the cuts he helped create.  This issue is too important for our district for Congressman Lamborn to be putting ideology before people.”

The Republican-sponsored bill has been sitting in committee since its introduction.  However, it has been gaining support with 6 new bipartisan cosponsors just last week.

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