Statement on Gun Control


Unlike about a dozen other states, Texas law does not ban high capacity magazines, does not place restrictions on gun shows, does not extend background checks to private transfers, does not require weapons be safely stored when possessed or transferred, and does not require waiting periods.

In 2011 there were 2600 gun deaths in the State of Texas and each year since then the number has increased and we are now at over 3200 gun deaths each year in Texas.

Guns are now the number 2 cause of accidental child death in Harris County here in Texas.
In regards to the number of gun owners in each state population, Texas is number 30 with 35.9% of the population owning a gun.

High-capacity magazines should be banned because they too often turn murder into mass murder. A Mother Jones investigation found that high-capacity magazines were used in at least 50% of the 62 mass shootings between 1982 and 2012. When high-capacity magazines were used in mass shootings, the death rate rose 63% and the injury rate rose 156%

Guns are rarely used in self-defense. Of the 29,618,300 violent crimes committed between 2007 and 2011:

1. 0.79% of victims (235,700) protected themselves with a threat of use or use of a firearm, the least-employed protective behavior.

2. Of the 84,495,500 property crimes committed between 2007 and 2011, 0.12% of victims (103,000) protected themselves with a threat of use or use of a firearm.

The US General Accounting Office (GAO) estimated that 100% of deaths per year in which a child under 6 years old shoots and kills him/herself or another child could be prevented by automatic child-proof safety locks.

According to a Pew Survey:

Only 1/3 of gun owners support permitless or “Constitutional” carry laws that allow people to carry concealed firearms in public without a permit. This is something the NRA is lobbying for.

82% of gun owners support banning gun purchases by people on terrorist watch lists.

71% favor creating a federal government database to track all gun sales.

68% favor banning assault-style weapons.

65% favor banning high-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Among Americans overall, a majority (52%) would like to see stricter gun laws.

The NRA opposes all of these.

How many senseless acts of violence in our streets or tragedies in our communities will it take to get our nation to stop caving to special interests like the NRA when people are dying? We need to pass real gun control–laws that ban high-magazine weapons, increase licensing standards, and require fingerprinting for handgun purchasers.

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